Chartered Professional


One time induction fee and Certification Award for participation as Associate @ Qcircle

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Induction as Chartered Professional ( Any discipline) for service at CNI and Qcircle

For whom :
Fast-track practice based program for Affiliates and all with professional academic qualification / work experience.

Program :
Understanding the application of Qcircle / CNI and its biz products and services
Integration of member’s competencies and businesses for service and delivery at the eConsortium.

Delivery Mode :
Online and directed learning including internship or participation at alternate seminars (when required).
Mentoring Schedule to be mutually agreed by Mentor and Mentee.

Outcome :
Submission of documented Professional Practice file with an integration project file ready for offer at Qcircle.
Creation of Member Page and listing at Business Directory

Award :
Professional Certification Award.

Job Title / Status:
Chartered Professional (by discipline) / Associate @ Qcircle | CNI

Inclusive in Program : 1 year complimentary Associate Privilege Plan (2) for actualisation of financial reward.

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