Job & Business Creation

What is Job and Business Creation?

Job and Business Creation, an IPO Event for all job and business prospectors. The event aims to generate creative development of job and business and to instill the essence of innovation to achieve a real growth outcome.

Lite @ Qcircle is introduced for practical life development.

Program Format and Agenda

An introductory event to the Lite program.
Learn. Innovate. Transform. Enterprise @ Qcircle.

The program helps you to explore possibilities and leads you to discover new initiatives for your growth endeavours. It provides you a new challenge and the development pathway to create your own jobs and businesses.


  • Session 1 : Seminar and Forum. (3 + 3 hours)
  • Session 2 : Business Dialogue and Consultation (3 hours)
  • Submission of a choice Members Award and progression plan (optional)